Ambassador Program

Hi New Moms,

For my new Ambassador program, I’m looking for moms who:

  • Have children who are newborn or up to 5 years of age.
  • Live in Toronto and the GTA area (applications from other areas in Canada will be considered as well.)
  • Have a lot of friends/followers on social media.
  • Are looking to make a few extra dollars from home.
  • Are longtime readers of my blog.

What will I need to do to join the program?

  1. First, contact me so I can get you set up with a tracking link. If you don’t have a tracking link, we won’t be able to tie any traffic you send back to you which means you don’t get paid! To avoid this and if you have any questions about getting set up, please reach out to me and I’d be happy to help you.
  2. Once you have the tracking link, all you need to do is share a link for one of the posts from this blog (Toronto New Mom blog).  
  3. You can look through the site and choose any blog post you want or share the weekly featured post. I trust you to know your friends, so you can choose what you think would work best.  Share the link with the parents in your friend group.

Toronto New Mom: Ambassador program

Where can I share the link?

  • On social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter.
  • Via private message, i.e. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, slack.
  • Via email
  • Post it on your blog.

How do I receive my earnings?

  • You will get a unique link for every post you would like to share  When someone clicks on your link, you will get $0.10 CAD.
    10 clicks = 1 dollar. 50 clicks = 5 dollars.
  • There is also a bonus when you drive more clicks.
    When you reach 100 clicks, you will get $3 bonus
    When you reach 200 clicks, you will get $8 bonus
    When you reach 300 clicks, you will get $10 bonus
  • Currently, payment is done in the form of an Amazon Canada gift card. We are working to add more options for gift card payment.
  • You can request payment once you’ve reached $10 in payable earnings.
  • A gift card will be emailed to the email address of your choice at the end of the month.
  • You will get an access to the program dashboard, where you can track all of your links and your earnings.

Interested? Great. Here are the next steps:

  1. Please click here to fill out an Application form.
  2. I will contact you via email and will provide you with all the links to the posts you would like to share.
  3. You will share the links and start earning.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do you pay with a gift card?

Paying with gift card helps me pay you without any employee-employer relationship. It also means it is not official income you need to declare. If I were to pay you directly, this would be considered taxable income.

Is this only for the Toronto New Mom blog? Or will I have the option to promote other links to other websites?

This program is a pilot that I am running with my blog. If it is successful, we will have more blogs and brands to work with, and you will have more options to increase your pay from this program.

Can I share the link in any platform I want?

Yes, but we do have a strict NO-SPAMMING rule.
Please do not spam. Do not paste a link over and over again on your Facebook timeline, Facebook groups, or any other of social media platform.
Do not mislead your friends or promise something that the page can not deliver.

Do I have to share every page?

Absolutely not.
You don’t have to share something you are not interested in, or that you don’t think your friends will be interested in reading.

Do I need to promote a product or sell something?

Absolutely not. There is no sales aspect to this program at all.
You will only need to share links to a blog post that include candid and valuable content for new parents.

How to do it right?

  • Browse the blog and find a post that you like and feel like your mommy friends will love.
  • Send me a list of the posts you would like to share (Link to Homepage will be created for all as a default)
  • Share it on Facebook or any other social media.
  • Add your own personal notes in your own words to the post. For example, “This is a good read for new parents. Tip #4 saved my life. ;P”
  • Subscribe to our mailing list so you will get the latest posts sent directly to your email address

If someone else shares my post will I get credit?

Yes. If you share a link on Facebook (for example) with your affiliate code and one of your friends share your post on his/her timeline, you will get credit for those clicks as well.

Terms of the program

  • You will get paid with an Amazon Canada gift card.
  • You can ask for your gift card when you reach a minimum of $10.
  • A gift card will be emailed to your email address at the end of the month.
  • Payment is only for a Unique Click. If you send a link to your friend, and she clicked on the link twice, you will earn only 1 click.
  • Payment is only for clicks from Canada.
  • Payment is only for valid page visit. If someone clicks on the link, but never reach the page for any reason like tab was closed tab did not load, internet connection issue and more, payment will not be issued.
  • Any type of spamming will eliminate you from the program immediately without paying for your previous traffic.
  • Spamming is the use of electronic messaging systems like e-mails and other digital delivery systems and broadcast media to send unwanted bulk messages indiscriminately. The term spamming is also applied to other media like in internet forums, instant messaging, Social Media platforms and mobile text messaging, social networking spam, junk fax transmissions, television advertising and sharing network spam.
  • If you are found to be sending fraudulent or bot traffic, you will be eliminated from the program immediately without paying for your previous traffic.
  • Every application will be considered. We reserve the right not to approve an application.
  • Your private information will never be shared with any person or company.
  • If we make any change to the program, we will email you and let you know in advance.
  • Bonus programs will be offered to the best performing participants.
  • You will get an access to the program dashboard where you can track all of your links and your earnings.

Interested? Great. Here are the next steps:

  1. Please click here to fill out the form
  2. I will contact you via email and will send you a link to the program dashboard and your affiliate code.
  3. You will create your unique link, share it, and start earning

If you have any question, please reach out to