New Weight Loss Programs for Busy Parents

New Weight Loss Programs for Busy Parents

As new parents, our lives revolve around our kids the moment they’re born. We spend countless hours and days watching their every move, holding them when they cry, cleaning them when they make a mess. At the end of the day, all that care is worth it when you see them look back at you and smile.

Although we spend so much time caring for our kids and their wellbeing, we often forget our own health. We stop going to the gym or making healthy meals, and all our plans for losing baby weight goes out the window. Why does this happen?

The answer is simple and slightly bittersweet. We sacrifice that time we would’ve spent on ourselves to take care of our children instead. In many cases, we let our bodies go and start gaining weight. While this is normal in parenthood, we need to realize that if we don’t start losing baby weight, it can lead to health problems for ourselves in the future.
First, we should try and be more active. Participate in Baby and Me fitness class can be a good start. Going outside for long walks with a stroller or baby carrier it is a good idea as well. However, with the Canadian winter (and even some summer rainy days) it is not easy and sometimes not possible to go outside with your baby.
If you used weight loss programs before, you know how ineffective some can be. How can you find a program that works?  

These New Weight Loss Programs can Help Busy Moms Lose Weight for Good

By 2025, over one-third of Canadians will be obese. For many, obesity leads to big problems like back or knee pain, or increased health risk for things like diabetes. Many parents want to make a change in their bodies. They want to start losing weight after pregnancy and get the bodies they had before having a baby. They want to achieve a healthier weight but just can’t stay motivated.

Have you ever heard yourself say: I don’t have time, I need that time to take care of my child/clean the house/any excuse you may have?

Medical professionals saw this problem and developed an online system so people can lose weight from anywhere in the country, and never once have to visit a doctor’s office. The answer: e-Health. Telemedicine has been used for weight loss programs, and the results have been incredible.

Here is the rundown of what e-Health, or telemedicine, is, and whether it actually works:

What is telemedicine?

Put simply, telemedicine uses communication technology to give care to patients, no matter where they New Weight Loss Programs for Busy Parentsare. With tech like iPhones and Fitbits becoming more popular, telemedicine is used by people who just don’t have time to visit a doctor’s office every day to check how their weight loss is going. Telemedicine weight loss programs have a team of health professionals assigned to each client. You get your own nurse, kinesiologist, nutritionist, and psychologist that specialize in weight loss. They’re your personalized team that give you weight loss advice, and most importantly, motivate you through your weight loss journey. With a team that you can contact from anywhere in Canada, you’ll never feel alone when losing the baby weight.

How is telemedicine used in weight loss programs?

Has this ever happened to you? You’re at the dentist, and the nurse says you need to start flossing, even gives you some to take home? In the beginning, you make sure you’re flossing every night, but then you start to forget and eventually stop flossing, all the way to the next checkup. At the beginning, people are motivated to adopt healthy habits, but without constant motivation, that desire leads to no action being taken.

Telemedicine uses trained professionals to give you daily support. There is no need to waste time waiting at a doctor’s office every day when you can lose weight at home and have a health professional team check your progress and communicate with you online.

Busy parents simply don’t have time to go to the gym every day. The only reliable way for losing baby weight is making healthy lifestyle changes and staying accountable to them. When there just isn’t time in your busy parent schedule for losing baby weight, this program helps you find the time. With telemedicine weight loss programs, you can schedule calls with your coach at your convenience.  While it’s important to spend time with our kids, we need to remember to spend time on ourselves.

Do telemedicine weight loss programs work?New Weight Loss Programs for Busy Parents

Patients that turn to telemedicine have tried every diet fad and trick in the book. At first, it may help them lose weight, but then they get too comfortable. Their weight goes back up, and they’re back to where they started. Parents need advice that won’t just help them lose baby weight, but to keep the weight off for the rest of their parenthood.

Zero Excuse GO is the only telemedicine weight loss service in Canada. You can watch a few of their testimonies here.

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Make a difference in your life. It’s possible to start losing weight after pregnancy, as long as you have the right support. 


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