Freebies for new mom in Toronto

Freebies for new moms

Hey New Moms!

This will be a quick post. I just want to share with you a list of three companies that provide a Free Package for new moms for having a new baby.

All you have to do is register on their sites and the package will be sent to your house!
I added you the links below and photos of the packages I received in Oct 2017.

Freebies are always good and who doesn’t love a giveaway?

Nestle Free Package for new Baby

An infant formula samples and lots of coupons. Great giveaway if you use Nestle or consider to start using this brand.
They usually send small diaper bag, a small pack of newborn diapers, baby-bottle and more.
In the photo, you can see the free package I receive from Nestle in June 2017.
To get your free giveaway from Nestle register here. 

Freebies for new moms: Nestle giveaway

Similac Free Package for new Baby

Free Similac sample and rebate coupons.
In the photo, you can see the free package I receive from Similac in June 2017.
To get your free giveaway from Similac register here 

Freebies for new moms: Similac giveaway


Enfamil Free Package for new Baby

Free baby samples of formula and special offers. The coupons are great.
They also added a sample of Diaper cream and Nipple cream. Samples are always good for your diaper bag 🙂
In the photo, you can see the free package I receive from Enfamil in June 2017.
To get your free giveaway from Enfamil register here 

Freebies for new moms: Enfomil giveaway

I know it looks like you will get only Formula samples. However, the companies usually send the package other great stuff like pacifier, diapers, wipes and more. The companies change their free giveaway package from time to time. So you might get something else from the packages I posted here.

If you don’t use the formula, you can always give it to someone else. I know that other moms will be happy to receive baby formula for free. You have also the option to donate it.

The last thing, I registered to many sites and lists that promise to provide free baby goodies (Google it, you will find many).
I didn’t get anything and I truly believe now it is just up there to collect names and address.
I advise you not to provide your personal information unless someone you know recommend you to register.

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  1. London drugs also has a free welcome baby box with samples. Just register online then pick up in store.
    Thyme maternity also has great goodie bags. One for signing up for their rewards card and then promotional ones every couple months or so when making a purchase.
    Then of course Buy buy baby and babies r us both have goodies when you start a registry.
    I’ve gotten the similac and enfamil boxes pictured above and that was through one of those ‘free baby goodies’ sign up thingies… Turns out some do work however you don’t get duplicates if you also signed up for those same boxes directly through the companies… they keep track of these things to keep people from taking advantage. That could be the issue you faced. Just a possibility. I’m sure many are scams too. And my junk mail folder is working overtime now.

    1. Thank you so much for the info! This is great.
      I didn’t know Thyme offered one- I will check it.
      And yes- my junk mail folder (and my phone) is full of spam as well.

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